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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Just now we didn't watch phantom of the opera, we watched Pursuit of Happiness!!!
Although not exciting, but it's a really nice movie. ^^
I was preparing to sleep liao de, but in the end I didn't sleep o.
I usually sleep through english movies, so when I don't, it means it's nice la.

Nothing to blog about leh.

Oh ya.
Just now finally finally finally saw puan alnon in the bilik guru!!!
She was talking to puan umah.
Then, saw mr gan there as well!!!!
Oh oh oh...I hvn explained hor...erm...we hv to pass up the kokurikulum form...n hv to let our teachers sign...then puan alnon is captain of pandu gan is ping pong de...
Then let mr gan sign first lo...
After that went back to class coz tai wanted to take her calculator...
Then went back, umah still talking talking talking there...
I tell u ar...from we first saw her until now, 10 to 15 minutes liao...
So...只好 interrupt them lo...
Went straight up to puan alnon and stood behind umah.
Then alnon spotted me n then...success lo. ^^

Ei 2moro 11.00 to 1.00 have chinese class leh.
Dun wan to go leh.
But have to...coz I want to continue watching 白蚂蚁!!
Refer to this post if you dunno wat i'm talking about.

Aaahhh sien.
Later have add maths tuition, 2 and a half hours.
I want to sleeeeeep....

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