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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Nothing to blog about la.
2day is such a boring and uneventful day, unless u count the fact that I chatted with somebody just now, n I said I didn't like anybody, want to like also like u only.
Well...I didn't mean anything xx like that la...I wasn't hinting that I liked him, I only meant that he's the closest male to me right now.
But he also won't misunderstand de la (gua)...anyway I won't let him misunderstand de. ^^

I'll just blog about yesterday add maths tuition la.
I meant to go half an hour earlier...but in the end online online online, then arrived there about ten minutes earlier only.
So scared no place to sit lo.
Nasib baik!!!
2day auntie was late, so the door was unlocked at about 1.03pm...=.= late late late.
Then, I managed to get a seat...right at the back of the class.
The last one, in fact.
I was about to think who would sit beside me, but no time to think, the boy already sat down beside me liao.
I mean, he didn't even ask "got anybody sitting here?".
Haiyo...manners ma. =.=
Anyway, I sat with this stranger all thru lo.
I seriously don't recall seeing him before, nor his friends either.
Actually, I didn't even see much of him even though we were so close together for 3 hours.
Coz I didn't dare to look at him. =.=
Erm. All that I know about him is:
1. He wore a shirt with a dark green sleeve yesterday.
2. His right arm is fat.
3. He is not hardworking.
4. Add maths is not his favourite subject.
5. He doesn't talk to strangers.
6. His surname is ku.
7. He is short.
8. He has spiky hair.
9. He wears glasses.
10. He uses his hp for a watch.
11. He is friends with the boy in front of me.
Talking about the boy in front...his head is SO BIG man...block my view lo!!! =.=
And he so pei4 he2 summore...when my head go to the right, he also go to the right; when my head go to the left, he also go to the left!!!
So irritating. =.=
And btw the person beside me is really short o!!!
After tuition (finally!) we all stood up to go home...then I was really shocked lo...coz I didn't expect his height to be so minimum.

Yesterday hor...
Yesterday la...
I kissed somebody leh.
lengzai lai de...but still...!!!
Ei u wanna see his face ma?
I dun wan to say so much here leh...say dao also paiseh la.
He's the one on the left side.

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