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Monday, August 31, 2009

stupid stupid stupid

Quite unhappy now.

On a different note, this morning hor, when I woke up I could hardly open my left eye and it was watery.
I went to the bathroom mirror...wah, so small and red...kong bu...=.=
Then after about an hour and a half, which is now, almost back to normal liao, but feels a bit weird.

I wondered if it was bcoz I had too much sleep last nite.
I slept at about 2++ a.m., and woke up at 10 today.
7 hours plus, shouldn't be too long ma.

Then, I wondered if it was bcoz I cried in my sleep.
But I didn't ar...even when I was insulted by puan suhana (whose name was Azizan in my dream)...
So also can't be ar.

Then what?
Stupid eye la.

No mood to type here right now.

Stupid person.
No I'm not talking about myself.

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