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Monday, August 10, 2009


This morning I took my temperature...aiya, rise liao a bit...37.7...but still kira ok la...
Then went to school.
When I stepped through the school gates, the phlegm in my throat made me cough and cough really hard, then nearly vomited (in fact it came halfway up my throat...okok this is geli)...then I forced myself to stop coughing but it wasn't easy once I had started.
Ok...then, perhimpunan.
The rahman...he stupid 1...raining already still dun let us bersurai!!!
Hate him!!!

Ok...perhimpunan was over...
I went for moral class.
4 pintar...the fan SO STRONG man...I already very cold liao de (coz a bit fever ma), then the fan made me even colder...walao hands and feet were even colder than ice lo...=.=...but my body was hot, then my face and neck were even hotter.
Then, umah went in front and said something in a very very mini voice.
I was sitting at the back ma, so couldn't hear...and anyway I was feeling very sick at that time so I just felt irritated at her voice.
Then suddenly, we were shocked when she started to wipe her eyes and cry. :S
Umah crying????!!!!
Then I asked sarah...then she told me umah said that her handbag was snatched...and our exam papers were inside...
Haiz...she's so kesian lo...actually she no need to cry de ma, it wasn't her fault anyway!!
Then the rest of the moral period, she was talking about snatch-thefts.

My fizik...59%...pls congratulate me...=.=
Fizik also...the fan was very strong at 1st, but after that teacher turned it down...but I was still cold.

Walked round the school without stopping for the entire 20 minutes, trying to warm myself up, but no success.

Ok...after my Bio got 50%, Chinese got 45%(horrors), and Fizik got 59% when I wasn't expecting such low results At All, then I prepared myself for a very very teruk BI result.
Coz o, I wasn't familiar with The Road Not Taken, since I wasn't there when teacher taught it...and it came out in the exam!!!
And something teacher said when she came into our class scared me very very much..."Some of you are going to be very disappointed.
So I felt sure she was talking about me lo.
But when I got the paper...91%!!
Nah...after 2 Cs and 1 D o, an A1 is very cheering sia de lo!!!
But that time I no mood to feel very happy lo...coz I was feeling very tired and uncomfortable and COLD...
btw I slept most of the day, whenever I got the chance.
And I constantly put my hands over my eyes...coz my hands were freezing, and my eyes, ok la eyelids, were as hot as the rest of my face.

This one I also prepared myself for a C liao de.
Coz that time I really simply O only de.
But...76%! Not bad hor!!

This one o, I expected to get quite good results, since it was very easy.
But...the exact opposite of my expectations always happens...even if I think of all the possibilities, something ELSE that I hadn't thought of always happens.
I was quite disappointed lo...coz I got 72.5% only!!!
but...ok la...

Add Maths.
No comments.

Also no comments.

After school, I asked ah gong, that's my grandpa, if I could not take the rice for lunch.
Could not as in...not couldn't ar, different's more like "could", "not take".
I told him I didn't have appetite, which I really didn't have, and told him I would eat the bread that I hadn't eaten at recess.
Then he said ok la, and asked me got sick ma?
I said...maybe a little bit lo...
Then he wanted to take me to see the doctor.
But at that time o, my hands and feet weren't cold anymore, and my body wasn't hot anymore.
Maybe it was because of the ample amount of sleep I got in school.
So I said, but now no fever liao wor.
He said nevermind, just go and check.
I said, really no liao wor.
And this went on for quite a long time, but in the end I was in Doctor Chua's clinic.
So many ppl lo.
There was an uncle, maybe 30++ or 40++ years old la.
When I reached there he was talking at top speed to the woman beside him, maybe 50++ or 60++ years old de woman.
From what I heard, the woman was a former teacher of Chung Hua.
And it appeared that they had only just met in the clinic, can talk like that, so not bad la.
After it was the woman's turn to go in, the man looked at ah gong.
"Uncle...u live in taman woon?"
"Ya..." said ah gong.
This man so geng!!!!!!!!!
Then, talk talk sia, he said "u were a teacher from seremban hor?"
So Clever!!!
And then really zadao de is "ya, u taught my wife..."
This man is a pengintip or what? XD
Then when the woman came out, they started talking again.
This man de social skills...I give him one hundred marks ar.

Ok, then it was my turn to go in...waited for half an hour =.= then after went in, waited again. came in.
Ah gong told him that this morning I took my temperature and it was 37.7.
Then I added, but now no liao.
Actually I was quite paiseh de lo...coz it seemed like I was completely healthy and I was just wasting the doctor's time.
But one consolation la, I really have phlegm de lo...I tried hard to tahan in school today...coz once I started coughing it would be really hard to I didn't dare to laugh in school today, coz I would cough, and when somebody talked to me, I smiled, and coughed at once.
I didn't do that on purpose de la!!
Ei btw o, to all the people who talked to me today...sorry ar...if u fall sick remember it's my fault...sorry!!!
Then the thermometer was stuck into my mouth and I looked like an idiot.
But when it was taken out...38!!!
Then how come my body so cool, then my hands and feet so warm de?
Haiz...anyway, I got 2 days' MC...
2moro and wednesday can't go to school.
I'll have to do the peka alone.
sigh sigh sigh.

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