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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I remember...last Friday Chinese class teacher asked me..."B4 this u dun like to practice piano de rite, then now u finished ur grade 8 exam liao only u realize u like piano rite?"
Or something like that.
I can't remember la, coz that time my mood not good.
Anyway teacher's point was "the hard work was not wasted" la.
But I shook my head uncertainly.
Then teacher was quite amazed that I actually didn't like piano.
Well, not exactly didn't like's just that I don't think my hard work (altho not really hard) was worth it.
Then she asked me one more time.
Then I said "yi dian dian la" very fu-yan-ly.

Actually, do I like piano?
I admit I wasn't thinking quite straight at that time, coz my mood really wasn't good.
Ok fine, I like playing the piano when there isn't a book or a score in front of me.
I like to shut my eyes while playing the piano.
I like to play whatever I like that sounds nice and that I haven't heard of on the piano.
But when I have to follow the piano score, I sound like a Grade 2 kid.
I don't like to listen to piano-playing without words. (I mean on the radio or whatever)
I don't like to collect scores of famous songs.
I prefer to play by ear.
Ok my point is, seriously, do I even need the Grade 8 cert?

Sure, I enjoy the praise it brings me.
"Grade what liao? Wah, so clever, Grade 8 liao ar?"
Then I would add, "Ya, Form one alrd finished Grade 8 liao."
"Wah!!! So geng! Then, you got take any furthur exams ma?"
" only la...2 years ago I took that dunno what exam lo...Performer's mother force me de...the examiner so nice la I play dao so bad he still let me Merit summore o...=.="
Now only know I'm a show-off meh?
See, I can't even resist showing-off here.
Haha...I mean, the Only thing I'm able to show off is my piano certs ma. (not my playing ar)
And, the Only use for these certs is showing off ma.
I mean, I'm not the sort of person who shines at everything.
My school results: Average
My manners: Bad
My looks: Slightly below average
Sports: Way below negative

Is a Grade 8 certificate really worth anything?


Anonymous said...

of coz la...
bu ran?

Mable said...

does ur name begin with S?

Anonymous said...