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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no mood~~ YES got mood, it's a Bad Mood

2day o my mood so bad la.
From morning, first step into the bio lab, my mood jiu so so so so so bad liao.
And I know why, and I also know why yesterday my mood so good liao.
Haiz...can't save liao...

After that, azizan absent, then that time we were at fizik lab ma, coz pintar want to use our bio lab...
Then wait liao so long, no teacher.
Then that time hor my mood really bad de lo, so I wanted to go out and blow wind for a while lo.
Mana tau hor, just reached the door only, step out also hvn step, jiu saw lim ah moy standing right in front of me.
In front only ar, if I go forward one more step then can step on her shoes liao.
Then I was so shocked until turn into statue liao, can't move, then just stared at her for many seconds.
Then she also stared at me.
Then stare stare xia, I came to my senses liao, and hurriedly backed away without greeting her, but who cares, she scared me until dumb liao, her fault.
Then I was quite shocked when I knew she was the relief teacher for our class and came right in.

Btw, miss Ham looks so pretty with her hair in a ponytail lo!
So young and pretty lo!
But 2day see her until a bit sien la, coz 4 periods. :S
She said next year she want to teach 5 pintar o...NO WAY...I want her!

Haiyo...2day really no mood to blog mood is really not good...

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