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Monday, August 17, 2009

Horribly Happy Day!!! ^^

2day I had such a near-perfect day!!! ^^
It's been such a long time since I've been so happy!!! ^^
Nono. Nothing special happened.
Maybe it's just my mood, haha.
Yeah...well, the day started out perhimpunan...coz spm trial exam...^^
Then 2nd period, moral period...then me, Tai, Choo and Serene went to do our peka experiment...coz last week we were absent.
I thought it wouldn't be much fun at first, but teacher divided us into 2 groups and I was with Serene.
It wasn't in the least bit difficult at all coz teacher helped me and serene do half of it!! ^^
Whereas tai and choo were more berdikari.
Ahahaha...No Moral period!!! ^^

B4 fizik, me and Tai went to toilet.
We went to the dewan one, coz closer ma and later is fizik leh, we can't be late de ma.
Then bcoz my mood very high 2day, so I was laughing a bit when we went in the toilet lo.
Then saw the 5 teguh girl standing in front of the mirror.
I was so paiseh coz I was laughing for no reason.
Then I did an even more paiseh thing coz I was so paiseh.
I said "Tai...u mind if I teman u go inside 2day?"
So in the end tai had to put up with me standing in front of her in the same toilet while she was doing her business.
Ei...coz that time I was really paiseh face to jian4 the 5 teguh girl...
Haha...this kind of thing (go into a toilet with another person) was a thing that I did in lower primary lo!
Then I was very hyper and kept laughing and laughing.
Nola, I didn't look at tai, no need to look ma, I also have.

After that, fizik.
Also happy!!! Happy happy!!! Note: I usually hate fizik periods, will make me very no mood and bu shuang de
But 2day was a Perfect Day so very happy lo!!!
Then after that, our recess time, we had to go to listen to a ceramah gigi.
The doctor was from Iraq (or Iran, if there's a difference).
Anyway, she was very beautiful and when we entered Puncak Jaya, she was standing there and smiling at us, exactly like a model posing.
And she talks English in a very funny accent.
And the slideshow was really very VERY GELI.
Then, she chose 2 students (after that it turned out to be 3), one boy and one girl to be examples for her to check for us to see.
Suzanne was chosen...hahaha...and her teeth was cantik o!
After that she was so happy =.=
Ok, then after that ceramah, we went back to Bio lab.
When we reached the canteen, there was an auntie calling "Mable...Mable, who is Mable?" (in chinese)
Then I said "'s me..."
The auntie said "We wait u for a long time liao ar! U are the only one left...all the others done alrd...we wait u only..."
Ok, like me, you are totally bewildered.
Let me enlighten you.
It turned out to be - an injection.
Walao eh...ppl just came back...a bit of xin li preparation also dun have...=.= and say like it's my fault summore o...!!!
So I said "Sorry, I didn't know."
Then I didn't bring the money also....RM27...yala of coz la, u think I'm so rich everyday bring RM20++ to school meh?
Nobody notify me summore!
So nvm lo, next time bring.
Then waited for the other woman to finish her conversation on the phone...and it was done.
So fast. O_O

Ok...then our turn to recess liao...and we recess overtime coz azizan din teach anyway...haha...
After that Chemistry lesson.
Haha...nightmare come liao.
Actually also nothing la.
2day maybe boring a bit gua, or bcoz it's Bio our class many ppl sleepy 3 ppl let teacher sent out to wash their face liao, coz they fell asleep.
Actually I was also very sleepy de, but sir wanted to see the speaker working or not, then suddenly "pop" one noise, made by the speaker, so the noise woke me up lo.
But after that I must have been feeling sleepy again...ei I tahan until about 15 or 20 minutes to the end of the period liao lo!
Anyway what happened was, my head suddenly jerked yi xia and I realized that I had just woken up.
I think I was asleep for a few seconds only la.
But this time jerk yi xia jiu really awake liao lo, then I hurriedly looked at ah luk and found that he was smiling at me...(不怀好意) paiseh ok...then I keep laughing there...then pooja also saw liao de, she also laugh...
Luckily, he seemed to have let me off...coz he din say anything...but after that...zikri lo!!
He was sleeping at the back there o!
Really sleep de, sleeping on the table...=.=
Then he was called out to do the question in the computer...=.=
Then ah luk told me I was next in line. =.=
Ok lo...of coz zikri couldn't do it la...then I had to go out lo.
Then of coz I also couldn't do it lo...coz so panic...actually very easy only berdiri in front for about 2 minutes lo...haiz so paiseh...=.=

Ok la...then, add maths...then my exercise book habis liao...
End of a happy day in school! ^^

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