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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok la...actually all in all it wasn't quite so horrible la.
2day's exams: Moral, Chemistry, Biology.
As usual, I fell asleep after reading a few pages of Bio.
Ahhhh Cannot Continue Like This La!!!!!
That's what I kept telling myself, and that's why I got through a few pages instead of nothing at all.
Woke up at 4.00.
I wanted to go back to a dream (now 4got what it was), but discipline!discipline!
So, I got through half of chapter 6.
Btw o, Bio exam is 1-6 ar...
Then, I really behtahan liao, and besides that I kept falling asleep, so, I turned to chapter one and two.
I finished chapter one and got halfway through chapter two.
Then I studied chemistry. Exam is chapter 5 and 6, I only finished chapter 5.
Then, I fell asleep at 6.00.
Woke up again at 6.55 (quite late liao).
Then after bathing, I managed to grab a few moral nilais while I was putting on my school uniform.
Went to school...raining, so Daddy fetched me.
1st exam, Moral.
I hurriedly memorized a few more nilais and then jiu exam liao.
Haiz...All the questions were about alam sekitar the nilai-nilai like toleransi, kepercayaan kepada Tuhan, hemah tinggi, harga diri and all the basic ones were totally wasted.
Thank God that I memorized one, just one alam sekitar nilai on a hunch, a few minutes before the exam.
I used it in all the questions.
The nilai is Menyayangi dan Menghargai Alam Sekitar.
But the sad thing is, that time my brain was quite saturated liao ma, so I put Cintai dan Menghargai Alam Sekitar.
Tai also wrong, she put Menyayangi dan Mencintai Alam Sekitar.
Dunno who's worse la, haha, but if the teacher is a Rasional person she will give us correct de la hor??
Anyway, after that was Accounts exam, but I didn't take, so I brushed up my Chemistry and proceeded to Bio.
By the way, I found out quite a lot of basic things about Chemistry.
If only I had a habit of studying, say, about a month ago, then I wouldn't have found any difficulty at all in Chemistry.
Lazy ma.
Anyway, before the Accounts exam, me and Tai went to the far far de toilet.
BY THE WAY O I want to ask, why do the malay boys like to use our girls' toilet so much ar?!
I mean the girls' toilet at the dewan de.
Okok, anyway, when we came back from the toilet, we met WTYDR on the canteen stairs there.
Ok...then, Tai went to take her Accounts exam (kesian la) and me and Sarah stayed at the canteen to study.
Then...recess liao...lower forms recess liao, so we went into the dewan to study, sit at the back there.
Then, our recess time.
Raining quite heavily, hmm.
Saw that person again.
Hate ar!
Ok, then...what ar?
Oh ya!!
We saw something on the floor at the back of the dewan!
It was some kind of animal.
I thought it was a frog at first, but it didn't look like one.
(btw, there was a cockroach on the floor this morning that caused me great discomfort, but after that it was squished by a chair leg, and left a dark stain on the floor, YUCK.)
Anyway, this animal was, I think, dead.
A lot of ants were swarming over it, but its four legs were still moving feebly.
Like a lizard's legs, swimming in water.
This animal, it had a bulk at its tummy there, aiya dunno how to describe la.
Then o, it was pale green...very very pale, almost white, but it's green.
Ei if anybody knows what it is can tell me ma? I'm very 好奇 leh!
Okok, then, Chemistry exam.
Walao eh.
I worried about it alot before the exam, coz I didn't study much ma.
But after I study liao before recess-time, I was more confident la.
And I was even more confident when I saw the questions!
EASY! ^^
Ok, after this happy exam, it was Bio time.
It was just so hard to cram 3 chapters into one brain within an hour, and that was what I tried to do.
Then, exam.
I'll be happy if I get 50%.
As Tai said, this is the hardest Bio exam we've ever had.
Ok, well, I suppose it would be okay for a person who had really studied every word.
But 6 chapters wor! And all so long ok!
Let's look on the positive side!
There are no exams tomorrow!
On Friday, PJ and Sivik only!
Tomorrow, nobody I know are going to school, except sue ann and she's going to take exams all day coz she missed them yesterday.
I'm seriously considering not going to school as well.
But if I went, I could really concentrate on my PJ, and hope to get more marks there to make up for my Bio.
Then, I could also go to the library and really study all day.
But I really dunno if I can tahan being alone all day!

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