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Monday, August 3, 2009

exam starts...and it's so unfair!

So unfair man.
2day o, when I went to school I passed 3 Arif, and the Form 3 students were all inside there.
Then where is our classroom o?!
Then suzanne came along...asked me where is our class...
I dunno, then she went into 3 Arif to chat with the ppl there.
I hung around for abit.
Then I went towards the Bio lab, coz we were put there last Friday.
Then when I reached the canteen, ah!!! Our class was there.
Then I put down my bag and went away, heading towards the land of goodness-knows-where.
But when reached the canteen staircase, Tai was just coming down.
So I changed my mind and direction lo, and went with her back to the canteen again.
Haiya so soi la...just when I turned I saw the person that I hate.
Although quite far away la...but still...very bu shuang de ma...
Then, after that, me and Tai and maybe everybody else also thought we were just here temporarily, after the Form 3 Arif and Bestari students moved into the dewan for their trial exam, then we can have a proper classroom liao lo.
4 Intelek, 4 Pintar and 4 Teguh are going to have their exams in the Dewan!!!
Oi, how come?!
Last year we already had our share liao lo!
Why this year also must take exam in there?
Then next year leh?
The scary...coz bring back last year de scary memories!!!
And furthermore, so close to I hate de person de class!
If form 3 are going to take their real PMR inside the Dewan, then should let them have an experience first ma!
Then after that, we moved into the Dewan.
Have to sit according to class and name list. Hate it so much. WHY MUST IKUT NAME LIST?!
Bm paper.
Could answer about half, but that's normal.
English, I didn't even know the exam was today!
I thought it was tomorrow!
Ahh so die lo.
Quite easy la, but I ended up with only ten spare minutes.
Overall, it's quite an okay day la, but I saw that person 2 times...ahh be thankful it's not 20...and another person also make me very geram!!!!
Haiya okay la....have to terima the facts...

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