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Friday, July 3, 2009


Ei...I'm having my dinner...
and I was just wondering o, why is chilli called chilli?
It's just the opposite of chill leh...
Should b called hottie ma...or burnie...
But I guess hottie has another meaning...*immediately thinks of xxx XD*

Why are rambutans' hairs green ar?
Red is more beautiful lo!
Or were they just nt ripe enough at the time?

Why do I dream the dreams I dream?
Why do I daydream the daydreams I daydream?


Why can eating really cheer a person up ar?
Die liao la...I really feel this liao...
Prepare to see me getting fatter n fatter =.=

Why is blue described as a sad colour?
E.g: I'm feeling so blue today... :(
just example la, 2day I'm feeling white

Why do horrible looking primary school boys grow up to be so handsome?

Why are Malaysians (or at least those I know), so much purer than ppl from other countries?(I mean their thoughts)
Why are the ppl in the chatrooms I find online, all so cheap?

Why do boys always judge girls on their looks?
Why do girls always get attracted to the wrong boys?

Why did the tree have to fall down and smash the sound machine?
Ok la, this one I's bcoz Roald Dahl wanted it to...=.=

Why am I so much chattier online and in sms-es?
Why do I sound and act so stupidly in real life?

Why do hearts beat faster when they're excited?
How does the brain effect the heart + the lungs?
Why do people get heart attacks?

Why do people usually get all the glory only when they're not here to know it anymore?

Why does my MP3 run out of battery every 10 minutes even if I charge it for a whole night?
(Now that's what I really want to know...!)

Why do people cry when they're sad?
Why do people cry when they're touched?
Why do poeple cry when they're happy?
Why do people cry at all?

Why do some people hate cucumbers and 豆芽?

Why do people like to go overseas to far far far away countries?

Why am I asking so many questions all of a sudden?
I sound like an ignorant kid!
But I still want to know... ^^


Anonymous said...

bcoz animals cute...haha...
then u dun eat so much la...go n slp...oso nt bad de...

Anonymous said...

sorry..4gt again,im sarah...haha...

Mable said...

thx 4 ur comment ya ^^
animals cute? *vomits*
I know...I gt slp, I slp more thn normal ppl de, bt I also gt eat...zzz...these days onli know how 2 slp n eat, like pig ar... ^@^

Anonymous said...

vomit ur head la...of coz nt all animals la...
ya...u're a pig...haha!

Mable said...

hmmph...nvm, pigs r clever...
n Piglet (winnie the pooh's fren) is cute. bleh.