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Monday, July 27, 2009


Wah wah wah...what a day...
I was late for perhimpunan so stood aside with all the other ppl who were late...
Luckily no punishment, and made no difference anyway, except that from this angle can see more lower 6 lengzai (ok la just kidding, no lengzai de :( )
Perhimpunan SO LONG lo...coz somebody talking talking until too shuang liao, then shuang dao cannot stop lo.
And got the maths scrapbook prize-giving ceremony somemore.
Made us hv to change our timetable for today liao lo.
See la, so duo shi.
After that...
Ok la, I was planning not to sleep the whole night to finish my physics homework, notes, english essay and chemistry report.
But as usual, I dropped off before I had even opened a book.
But o, so good o...I'm so efficient, can finish all in school.
The essay...I do so fast oh!!!!!!!
One page only o!
Sure get very low marks de.
luan luan O can liao.
physics, I finished it within the moral period.
Ok la, haiyo, uma just talk fei hua only de ma, tell us how to lindung alam sekitar and bla.
Chemistry, finished in bm period coz azizan came in late.
She said she messed up the timetable and nobody came to find her o.
Oh ya...just now got SO HEAVY de rain o!!!
And the lightning, thunder...1st time can make me scared lo!
And the wind...make me so cold...
so cold...
Now also cold la...
oh ya, I found out why I had so many pimples recently.
jiu shi that reason lo!
"Little Women"

oh ya btw, just now i really didn't want to lie, so i gave a 牛头不对马嘴 answer.
wasn't even an answer.
nobody needs to know what i'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

Her name is 'umah'


Mable said...

haiyo....who my head she is uma...n will always be uma...