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Friday, July 17, 2009

one person

Actually, got one person that I really bu shuang de...
Got reason de lo!!!
This person o...this person o...!!!
haiyo just make me very bu shuang la!!!
N I think this person also won't care de lo...
But this person o!
When need ur help leh, will find u...
After u couldn't help leh, then will nt even reply ur last sentence.
P: Can give me the key to the toilet ma?
M: O...sorry ar...I dun have o...
P: *no reply*

Ok la, just an example.
But rude ma rude ma!!!!!
Stupid person stupid person!!!!
Then, also won't keep his/her word de wor...
And, also very...useless ar!!

I really dun have eye light

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