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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Even One, Not Even Once

Yala the title looks kinda impressing but the isi is just the same old stuff~
You can choose nt to read on bcoz it will just make u so bored that u probably won't visit my blog anymore...
2day o, actually my mood is nt very good de altho I didn't show it much.
2day o, I din c him, nt even once!!!
And I nt only din c TT, but I also din c G, N, I, N2, U, G2, G3, I2, G4!
In short, all the ppl that I gt a little little little bit of feeling 2wards them de also I din c.
record-breaking lo...

2day we had another part of the SEGAK test again...jangkauan melunjur...
I didn't expect myself to be able to reach so far de lo!!
36 cm leh, not bad! ^^
So it put me in a good mood for about 3 whole periods. ^^

Ei, btw I'm really scared I will kena PLKN next year leh.
If really hv then how ar?
I'm nt so scared of the activities, bt when need to mandi o, so susah o!
N so dirty summore o!
N every month, how? mine is slightly more de leh. =.=
N if nid 2 do pumping or wat ar, I sure die 1.

2day we found out that Pn Ng is in quarantine for H1N1.
It seems that her husband already kena, and some said that she also kena liao o...
pity their family la...n the children...n the baby just born nt so long ago summore o...

2day the pengetua was in a super-foul mood.
Scolded a teacher o, loudly in front of her class.

Ei I really miss him de leh...
ok la, I just thought that I'd end with him since I started with him...
ok, tata~

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