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Saturday, July 11, 2009

a morning

This morning I woke up with a totally blocked and running nose.
I couldn't even sniff!
When I attempted to sniff, my ears were blocked.
I swallowed, and my ears were blocked even more.
Wasieh so xin ku la u know!!
I tried lying on my side, lying on a high pillow, letting my head hang over the edge of the bed...nothing worked.
Ok la, this is my own fault, coz yesterday I totally 4got 2 bathe and had my bath at midnight.
And fell asleep b4 drying my hair.
Then, I got up and had my breakfast, still very xin-ku-ly.
Then I took a pill 4 cold.
Now my nose is almost cured liao, n drinking hot hot milo now.
Still got alot of smoke la, the milo.
But the cup very nice, can warm my hands.
It's such a cold morning, no sun!!!
I like this kind of morning, but not when I've got a cold.
The best kind of morning I prefer is the orangish kind.
You know?
Like, the sun turns bright and orange and everything in your house is bathed in orange light.
If you've drawn the curtains, but not completely, a narrow strip of orange light will shine through your house.
Ya...I like this kind of morning, and the same applies for evening.
Sometimes evening also can like this de.
So...anyway...boring leh!!
Only 2 contacts on9, and I dun chat with them anyway =.=
Just listen songs lo.
Ei, btw, y everybody's blog put "You Are Not Alone"?
Ok la, it's a nice song, love it very much, but Michael Jackson's songs got a lot ma...all very nice de...
If everybody put this song o, will very fast sien de leh....
I think I've de-zui-ed a lot of ppl...
sorry la...watever...
I wuliao n cold only...

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