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Monday, July 6, 2009

A day

2day my mood is fairly good... :)
I also dunno y so good de o, no reason de...
Maybe is bcoz of the weather gua~
But it's definitely nt bcoz of him, coz I only saw him a few hours b4 school was over...
Anyway, 2day when we were going to fizik, I saw him leh!
Him, as in another him, a sg ^^
He was talking to somebody else, and as I walked 2wards him he glanced up with a smiley face~
Anyway I turned a right angle and didn't c him anymore, until I was about to go home.
2day we made our chemistry teacher angry. :S
so sorry lo!!
And btw o, our class gt a pair of dog male female, translated to chinese.
Both so kap lo, acting so hardworking in front of teachers and actually so jian4!
I want to say o, just now I saw him leh.
hmm...I mentioned liao de hor...
I was so not expecting to see him...
I was walking in front of some of my classmates, and I just glanced back and there he was!!!!
Not right behind me la, but I still saw him, and he saw me.
I betrayed a look of shock b4 turning back to the front again and walking twice as fast. hmm.
How come I always do that de ar?
Walking fast when I see him, I mean.
I can't seem to help legs are out of control.
anyway, dun care.
Just now o, the last period was Maths...and we went to the Bilik BI.
Dunno y o, can hear music there de o...even when the LCD was off~
The music really nice de in a dreamy fairyland~~
Anyway, finally triiiiiiiiiiing~! and we went back.
I terus walk straight straight lo, go by the dewan 的路。
then baru turn to the big entrance.
Mana saya tau o, 2day dunno y SO MANY CARS O!!!!!
I've never seen so many cars at the tapak where students park b4, except for rainy days!
haiz...wat to do?
So I started to cross over it lo...
Then suddenly saw a car in front of me!
So I quickly walked aside.
then suddenly a car beside me o, gostan o!
shit la, I sped up and got past the car, to find another car gostaning beside me as well!!
And this kind of thing continued for a long time...
It was really like a maze, with ten times the usual amount of obstacles.
I was practically walking 4ward one step and backing three steps.
Like a dance o =.= only this one wasn't graceful..
Anyway, I finally finally finally got past everything, and found that I was breathing rather deeply.
haha...then I gt home, had lunch and on9 to blog about 2day.

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