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Saturday, July 4, 2009

cut cut

My fringe was seriously getting into my eyes, blocking my sight, and looked horrible when I swept it to one side...
So I decided it was time for a trim again...
So in front of the mirror, I did it again...
Oh my goodness, my fringe is now SO UNEVEN that it looks as if it was done on purpose!!!
It's roughly the shape of a wave...=.=
But I think it's more like the shape of an uneven V...=.=
Anyway, it's nt too short la, below my brows, so I think it's definitely better than the first time it was cut.
When I say the first time, I'm referring to the disastrous time when the auntie cut my fringe way above my eyebrows a few months ago..
anyway, I think I still look reasonably un-weird..
k, time to go

ok, I cut off the sides, the 2 strands that r so annoying to some ppl =.=
and regretted!!!
I look more normal with my hair down, bt when i tie it up, wasieh, i look like a weird boy.
My mood isn't good now and it will remain so until my hair grows again.
Coz I can't bear looking so weird and ugly!
I hate my reflection every time I look into the mirror.
I look hot and ugly and stupid and round-faced.
shit la.

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