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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blog vs. Diary thunder I'll just continue a bit more...
I want to say o...
Dunno y o...I'm really quite addicted to blogging leh!
My diary...wan rust away liao lo...
The last time I wrote in it, was 9/5/09, about that person...that stranger that entered my life for about 2 months and left it.
Then the one before it was 27/4/09.
Aiyo...I really dun like writing in my diary lah.
I kinda enjoyed it before, but that was before I started using blogger.
The first blog I ever had was in my msn space.
Then I moved on to friendster, and the viewers increased about 5%.
But since I started blogging in Blogger, and promoted it shamelessly in my msn personal message, many readers sia!
I wonder why o?
Maybe it's more colourful and more interesting gua.
Well, I kinda enjoy all the attention, and letting ppl know more about me, and getting all the sympathy when my mood is down and blah.
Well that is before la, now nobody comfort me o...and I don't need it anyway.
Coz words are useless, what I need is time, and my brain to wake me up.
Erm so anyway, I think I prefer blogging to diarying because a diary is personal, and I don't like to keep all the things to myself...I will burst de lo!
I don't care if nobody cares about me, I just want to Let Them Know!
And then, my blog is of course more beautiful compared to my diary lo.
Ok la, my diary is also beautiful, and my aunt gave it to me as a Christmas present dunno how many decades ago.
That time I still dunno how to write essay ah.
But, the beautiful part is only the cover...inside ar...walao eh.
Coz I normally write in it when I'm really in a very excited mood (oh I saw him I saw him!!!!blah) or when I'm in a boiling temper (I really want to Kill Her)...and thus, the handwriting is even more horrible compared to my normal handwriting, which is already horrible enough.
Ei to those who haven't seen my handwriting, no kidding lo, it's really horribly childish and I dunno how to describe it la.
Erm, in primary school, my handwriting was labeled "Neat and Nice" by teachers and students alike, but the problem is, my handwriting stayed exactly like that, except it got much more small and squeezed together when I rose into secondary school.
Well, my point is, my handwriting didn't grow up. handwriting is always quite distinguishable from other friends' handwriting.
You see which handwriting is most like primary school handwriting de la, that is mine.
Okay okay, so back to my point, the words that I type are all neat and nice and I take a real pleasure in reading it. first sentence said "a bit more" and now is "many many bits more" but whatever.
Then again, I can type much more faster than I write lo, and no need to worry I waste too much pen ink.
Ei, yala, coz the electricity bill not I pay de ma, but I buy my own pens ok!haha
Erm...then, continue ar okay, then, my blog can be decorated lo...put songs and all, and then my diary leh?
I was never good at art (in fact the worst of the worst, please believe that I am not exaggerating at all), so it would turn out dreadful if I ever tried to menghiaskan my diary.
Ahh...gotta go for lunch now...88

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