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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stupid car

2day, again nearly kena langgar by a car...
But this time is the car's fault lo! So angry with the driver ar >:-[
Our school o...very good de.
When you enter from the entrance, you will see a white line at the side of the road...
Means is for students to walk only de la...
aiyo common sense la....just describing
Then just now after school o, got a car stop there right in front of me o!
Dunno whose father...malay de...
Then the car is blocking my road ma
So I walked around it lo...
Then bcoz of that car, I am outside the white line ma
So I scared the other cars will langgar me lo
So after I passed the car, I walked in front of it lo, to get back inside the line
mana tau the stupid car suddenly started to move o!
I know you are very good, come to school n fetch ur children
But also no need to langgar other people's children de ma!!!!!!
luckily I am very 反应敏捷
sprang aside in time

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