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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today is another day
A new day
Yesterday seemed just like a dream~
It's so weird
How sometimes my mood can change overnight
Yesterday afternoon I was still crying
In front of DADDY oh my goodness
But it was he who made me cry u know!
He kept saying me useless oh!!!
That time I really angry de lo and b4 that already very hurt liao
So I just let it all out lo
And he thought it was just bcoz I didn't want to eat a bun standing alone in Tampin Square all by myself
He thought it was bcoz I was too self conscious
I already told him liao ma (when crying)
I didn't want to eat it all alone standing there is not only bcoz I would feel so stupid, but also bcoz I would feel very Alone
But he still said I am useless
what to do?!
nothing to do
so cry lo
went to tuition with red wet eyes
hope nobody noticed

I feel very moodless
not happy
not sad
Maybe I've already turned into a strand of grass
But I have definitely not learnt to be strong yet
If anything happens again
I will 100% still cry
I am not actually recovering
It's just like a patient who is in coma
I haven't woken up yet
I wish I can wake up quickly
And I hope it will all be over very soon

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