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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Just now very wuliao, so I walked over to Tampin Shopping Centre to buy a pair of soft dumbbells~
When I bought them they seemed quite heavy, coz they came in a pair ma...
But when I reached home and picked them up separately they were very light yi xia leh
haiyer so light...
Later not effective o....
1.5 kg
i dunno what to say liao leh
oh ya
Just now I had an idea so I raised both of them together with one arm, 30 times
quite tired de
So I think maybe maybe will work gua~
Haha....hope by the end of the year my fat fat fat arms won't be fat anymore la!
and also hope that I won't develop too much muscles on my arm!!
Coz whatever other people say, I do not admire muscles on a girl's arm...
It's so not attractive ok!
But muscles are actually better than my arms la (now de)
My arms are chubbier than the average person's arms
dunno y
ESPECIALLY the part between my elbow and my wrist!!
dunno y all the chubby people de arms at that area are all slimmer than me de o!
I know you all are very very very tired of reading about my arms liao.
It's not an interesting topic anyway
But it is for me

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