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Friday, May 8, 2009


It's good to be a couple
It's sweet to hug and kiss
But it's better to be single
Believe me - it's bliss

No troubles

No worries
No marriage
No dowries

You're closer to your family

You find time for your friends
You never will be lonely
As you explore the friend-filled land

No enemies in love

No jealous people there
Friendship is like a dove
Pure, true and fair

Weeping, sadness, sorrow

Questions about a heart
They're scarce in the morrow
Though in life they do play a part

My "single" does not include at all

Those who desire partners
But cannot get them - thus they call
Themselves "single" or "failures"

No, it does not include you

And don't give up so soon
What he or she is thinking
May make you jump over the moon

You ask: "Why do you encourage us

To seek our desired ones?"
Well that can be simply answered
I just want to spread some suns

For those who do not understand

The magic of being single
You might as well make yourselves happy
Since you probably never will (understand, I mean)

But back to what I was saying

Single is really good
Nobody will ever be playing
With your feelings, whatever your mood

You need not worry about your marriage

And need not despair
Whether your beau will ever pluck up the courage
To buy rings in a pair

But whatever, whatever!

It's your choice
You have to live this forever
I don't want to ruin your joys

lol!!! actually composed this in a fit of inspiration ^^

and I mean it read carefully :)

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