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Thursday, May 14, 2009


ok. I want to describe my mood from just now until now.
at first.
quite bu shuang one person, then blogged about her, jiu suan lo.
then disappointed! coz XXX din X me.
then so surprised!! coz he X me liao!!!
then he say dao XX...then I blank blank...
but after I replied the last X, I terus cry liao..
then I wanted to find XXX...
so i ONLINE...
and saw XXX's X!!!
misunderstand jiu bu yao jin, hai yao tambah something that hurt very much o!!
msn signed in liao, saw XXX's X.
After viewing his X, I am sure his X is talking about me liao lo!
So I X back him....
Then he X back me!! is very hurt de sentences!!
then I change again..
Then he also change!!
each time hurt more than the last! eyes behtahan...
I went to BLOG
Then suddenly dunno y he change o...change dao gou li oh!
make me silly silly de staring at the screen.
then my heart started beating even faster (before that ady fast dao i dizzy liao de ar)
but I must nt be xin ruan!!! who knows wat he is talking about, who he is talking to?
so I replied something...erm...i think was bad de
Then he also bu shuang liao o!!
suan lo suan lo!
then i reply back something also bu shuang de lo!
then he asked me a question...
then i replied an answer that i will probably regret...but I DON'T CARE
i don't care about regretting
about anything
all I know is

p/s: how come I neglected my Xs liao de har? anyway nvm...

conclusion: U never know who you will love one day, or hate the next day.

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