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Sunday, May 31, 2009

the effect of holidays

I just realized, actually I already put him down liao de...I didn't like him anymore liao de...but dunno y will bu shuang him only!
since I don't like him anymore, there's no reason to bu shuang him anymore lo!! ^^
but I don't think I can ever be true friends with anyway...=.= ok lo

the other person leh, I also didn't think about her liao lo except when I c her on9...
I think I also wan 2 4get her liao lo...

Holidays make my Heart Healthy and Happy!! ^^
ok la this is very lame

But really lo!!!
Holidays can make me 4get a lot of things...
And by the time school reopens maybe the memories will come back once more, but the hurt will have gone out of them!!!! about happier things la!!!
Bunty is cute! ^^
And he says he misses Hunny 2... ^^

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