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Saturday, April 18, 2009

we won!

(dunno where I'm looking)

We started out as a zou-yin choir team...with a stupid and lan4 pianist. =.=
And difficult songs (for the alto, tenor and bass parts)...coz the parts are homemade de somebody mentioned above.=.=
But luckily we were saved by a new teacher - hannah!!!
thx a lot yar ^^
So anyway, on that day, we reached dato taha there.
And we didn't have a classroom, coz we were supposed to share with Chung Hua and it was already filled with kids.
So we had to have our last practices - in the open.
We went to the grass there...and started.
I couldn't believe my ears...what happened??? Totally out of tempo!!! getting faster and faster and this time it's not my fault!(wow the previous sentence is really a shocker, coz it's always me who's speeding up)
I pressed on the keys loudly, turning the volume up to maximum (duh, I suddenly remember add maths - maximum and minimum point....hv to study again 2nite)....but no avail!!
It was like I wasn't even playing.
I was there playing at the correct drum ar....and they were there singing to their own timing!
I really wanted to bok them. =.=
After that....oops...paiseh la....found out it wasn't thier fault after all.
It was bcoz they couldn't hear the keyboard, not being in an enclosed space.
So teacher solved the problem by telling them stand right in front of me n jessie lo.(jessie was beside me....standing on a always XD)
Dunno la...but I think improve liao a bit least they followed the beat.
Then we went to the Dewan.
We had to wait for the recorders and primary school choir competitions to end b4 it was our turn.(we were the 2nd school to enter btw)
Duh....the waiting was really long lo...and the recorder's competition was so sien, especially the group who got johan (sorry lo, but its true).
Then we finally went out to prepare liao. I got all flustered (as usual) and didn't know what to do and kept asking questions.=.=
Then me and jessie went in liao. legs were trembling...and I nearly tripped as I walked over to the keyboard (as usual). then....b4 that sarah suggested that I just play any chords ma (when they all go on stage de shi hou la) and invent any I thought it would be an easy thing lo....coz I do it at home sometimes (effect not bad har)...but I never thought it would be so different when my legs were trembling there and it was a competition and I had to try and look calm and confident and pro!!!(a person who has passed grade 8 3 years ago should look pro and mature de ma....rite?
anyway, I Tried...but i think i failed...=.=)
So blah blah blah....kept repeating some melody that I seemed ti hv heard somewhere b4 (remember it vaguely) and kept on repeating...
How un-pro!!!!zzzzzzzzzzz
Anyway....we started. to c the video, pls click her blog.
oh ya, and I they barely had time to stand still when I played the opening and they had to bow. (paisehla....sry)
I'd written everything down the nite b4 on a small piece of paper to make sure I wouldn't 4get anything important.
but I went and left it in my pocket and totally 4got all about it till we were halfway thru.
But their performance was great! at least it was compared to all the practices we had this year.
As for shuai ge mei nv. all smile dao like exam get dao first place jiang.
Anyway, after that we went to the canteen....and hannah told me a good news!
She said she dun wan me to play at the negeri level (coz we confident that we sure win liao de....other schools so lan4...except for taman indah) coz she said is time to train up a new pianist liao!hohoho
Then she said she want me to sing in super soprano, coz my voice very high.=.=
hello, mana ada high o...last time i sing to her de is high E only ma, sure comfortable de ma!
i can't even sing high F! it's true....i tried it out juz now and a sounded exactly like a recorder blown by some unskillful person such as me.
okok....anyway...2day is ming hui's bday! (she's soooooooo cute!)
then we sang the birthday song to her and teacher put the party hat on her.
the party hat came together with the cake and is really pretty de.
when she wear liao ar...walao...lagi cute! (if that's possible)
I tell u o...this year de form one all dunno eat liao wat medicine...all so pretty+cute de o!!!
nasib baik I'm not same year with them la...if nt the contrast will be so big. :P
kk...anyway the cake was cut (by dunno who la).
I didn't eat anything....bcoz of my big breakfast.
But I drank the packet of free drink that was provided for each of us...hmm....taste like grape flavour.
So ya...and then we went back to our classroom there....and sarah discovered a hole in the wall that could be used to spy on the people next door.(I saw a girl drinking water=.=)
The classroom was so stuffy that me, sarah and mike went out for a walk....and we went to the place that we had our last practice juz now.
The sky was really beautiful...the clouds all looked so fake! if somebody was here ar...sure she will say is she draw de.haha
anyway, some other primary students came walking towards our direction, but at quite a distance.
All of a sudden, a stupid teacher came running after them and started shouting at them to go to the Dewan, scolding them.
Note: they are only primary kids, from another school, and this teacher is from the host school. so sls lo ok.
So we 3 hid behind a bush. (or tree?can't remember)
Then we wandered again for a little while...and we went to look at the perfect model of a 浮脚屋....english dunno call wat ma...and is really so pretty de...and so long....grass and all. come to think of it, i think it looks like a rumah panjang. but nvm wat it's called.
mike touched it...but that was b4 we saw the "jangan sentuh" sigh. lol...
And then....I actually pressed for my own canned drink for the first time in my life!!!
Neh...from the machine de ar...dunno call wat machine...u masukkan the coin and press the drink that u want....and it falls out....
so paiseh la...first time o...! so many things dunno lo...nd sarah and mike to teach me...haha
RM1.40 is quite expensive lo...but get an experience ma...
somebody ady help me giv 0.30 liao o...dunno is who...haha...but the machine forgot to giv me 0.10 back. so same same la...
I pressed the button, expecting the machine to pop out a can of 100 + active (or watever it was)
at once...but nothing happened.
Then suddenly....THUD! i jumped.
wa....yuan lai take so long yi xia for the can to travel to me de o!
then we walked round the machine, trying to figure out how it was refilled with the cans of drinks each day.
reminds me of Mr Weasley examining the Muggle things....electricity and stuff.
Anyway, we saw that the room for taman indah students was empty...they all dunno go where liao...and went into that room lo.
actually our room is next door de.
so....sarah saw the hole again...and we couldn't resist looking thru it all the time.
We saw somebody reading 哥妹俩....haha.....she was right next to the hole, so couldn't help it.
sarah even took some pics thru the hole...the 哥妹俩 included.haha
Then christina and sally came in.
They were barely even here for a few minutes when the dog we saw earlier passed by and shouted (sorry, BARKED) at us.
blah blah blah...pergi dewan....blah blah blah...saya sudah bagi tau cikgu u tak boleh bawa handfon...blah blah...
HELLO, our teacher didn't tell us we couldn't bring hp lo ok!
If didn't bring hp, how to call home when we are back to our school?u sponser us ar?
AND THAT IS NOT THE POINT, we kira Tetamu ok!!!
Throwing ur own school de face only.
I saw his name - Affendi.
memang suka offend orang.
wow, clever parents. good name.
We went to the canteen full of complaints.
And then followed the most boring half hour I'd ever had.
coz waiting...ntg to do.
And I was so tired.
So I tried to sleep sitting down.
But I couldn't get to sleep...and spent most of my time shifting places instead.
So it was a very moody me that went to wait for our results outside the dewan there.
We screamed when Chung Hua was announced as champions, when our school's tarian was announced as champion, and when we were announced as champions. ^^
Our school's solo got number 2...also geng!!
And after that we went on the stage to take a few pics...and then home.
In the bus hor, I very bu shuang the penari in front of me lo!
she keep fight for the curtain with me o!
I pulled it to a just right position, can cover both of us de, and then she pulled it back.
So I pulled it back lo. then she pulled it back to herself again.
so mean.
suan lo. dun wan fight with her.
who cares?
coz WE WON!


Anonymous said...

haha...sorry la...suggestion only ma...dun use oso can...害到你这样惨...排写 actually the melody is ok la...dun worry...


Mable said...

haha...nvm nvm...thx ^^