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Monday, April 13, 2009

my add maths results

I got my add maths results today.
It is.......tadah! 62!!

SO NOT!!!!!!!!

reverse the 2 numbers and you'll get a shock.

yup! I actually got 26.

I ACTUALLY FAILED AN EXAM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. apa itu fail? fail maksudnya gagal, maksudnya i dropped 67 marks!
I wailed this to weiyee for about 6 times.
luckily for her there was only about one more period to go.

okok, I don't want to hear a word about my add maths results from Anybody again, is that understood?
I will learn from 师父 and do add maths everyday. (well, she didn't do it everyday, but I will.)

Just to show our kegigihan, me, weiyee and suzanne made a perjanjian and stuck it to the wall beside suzanne, each of us contributing some of our own glue.

it was something like this (i can't remember it word for word).

从13/4/2009下午1.55分起,我,李美心,MABLE LEE MEI XIN,我,罗尉语,LOH WEI YEE,与我,王素贤,SUZANNE ONG SU HSIEN,决心每天下课时到老地方 - 停车场旁边的树下去切磋ADD MATH,把它的底摸得清清楚楚。



btw, weiyee is the 师父,coz she managed to get 58!!!! whereas me and suzanne are failers.

ok, i hope i remember to bring my add maths tomorrow!!!!

and i hope the teachers won't think our paper is vandalism, since we stuck it on the wall without permission.

oh...and my chinese got 66, fizik 67, chemistry 81, maths 90. all ok except for fizik~i dropped 20 marks! duh.

oh ya, and i had potato chips for lunch today. i know that is fattening and unhealthy....but come on, it's not as if i'll do this everyday.

finally, to somebody i once liked: cheer up!

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