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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Why am I blogging at 8.00++ on a Wednesday morning?
No, I did not bring a laptop to school, thank you very much.
Reason: aiyo, need to tell de meh....=.= I stayed at home la...!

Last nite I finally went to see the doctor...
At first we thought the clinic would be packed with people since there seemed to be a lot of sicknesses happening around us, so Daddy brought along a Reader's Digest and I a book.
When we reached there, so zadao!
There were only an Indian woman and her child and....nobody else.
Well, except for us.
The Indian woman and her child had just come out and were waiting for their medicine.
So anyway, we were called in before a minute had passed.

Doctor looked at my throat and said my throat is quite red. (hmm)
Before that he had asked me if I had any fever and I said no.
But I suppose a good doctor always checks...
So there I was with a thermometer in my mouth while doctor and my father chatted happily.
It was most uncomfortable lo I tell u, coz the thermometer kept wanting to fall out!
And I didn't dare to support it with my hand coz it would look so stupid..
Anyway, it was finally over.
And it turned out I had a bit of fever after all. =.=

So, b4 we went back we took the medicine and the MC.

dunno wat to blog liao... ><

oh ya.....oh ya...

recently de me dunno y...dun like to talk liao o...and mudah irritated...
and I really really dun like one person!!!
pls do not repeat to me what u hv alrd said to others!
dun find me at all, dun make me happy, dun give me hope!

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