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Saturday, March 21, 2009

of zilianness

last nite until 3.00++ also couldn't sleep.
so...i discovered a new hobby --> zilianing.
yesterday i tell liao de rite, somebody say me chou3.
she said i am chou3 bcoz i didn't wear my specs o!
i think wear liao specs lagi chou3 lo ok?!
dun believe?
here's a pic of me wearing specs and trying to act cute at the same time.

*scroll down*

ok la...juz's the real one.

not nice rite?
look like old woman trying to act young la...
anyway, here's another pic i want to show...

this hairclip hor, i wore it when i was 2 years old leh!
still here...and btw in the photo i had it pinned on my "coconut tree".'s actually quite mature for a 2 year old leh!

and finally, one last pic.

yaya...sure....ugly ma!
very ugly tiam!
haiyo...that time ppl sleepy eyes like that lo...
my brain and hands still got many energy to take pic...
but my eyes want to sleep liao this lo...
they dun wan to cooperate i also can't do anything.
but hor, i like my lips leh!
haha...glow de o! ^^ (although a bit thick la)

haha...thus ends a zilian girl's entry for today. ^^

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