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Saturday, March 21, 2009

load of rubbish

okok...i know 3 posts in 1 day are is very duo1 yu2...
now my mood very good leh!!!
dunno y o!!!
juz now i colded him!!!
dunno y cold liao him still mood so good!
but actually is not me cold him de, he also got cold me lo ok!
next time if dun wan to chat then dun find people lo ok.
now my mood bad liao.
c la, blogging has a bad effect on me.
blog blog xia also can change my mood de o.
i miss him leh...
i want to c him now!!!
but also dun wan to c him o.
dunno wat i'm talking leh.
so sien leh.
dunno la...zui jin hor, i really like him very much de.
really de.
and miss him also.
but hor, he hor, zui jin seldom chat with me o.
coz dunno is i cold him or he cold me...jiu shi...cold la!
paiseh la...i think liao for a long time...and looked back at the chat log liao...
yuan lai is I cold him leh!
haha...cold dao very no manners de na zhong lo!
but who told him to say things like that wor!
make me angry, make me i cold lo!
really very hate him la.
but...come again...recently i'm colding everybody who finds me on msn leh.
dunno y leh.
maybe i no mood to chat gua.
when i viewed back dulu de chat log, found that last year de me so talkative to everybody de o...
and fx summore...boy girl also want to x...
so ji zha...
nan guai last year de him said i am ** la!!
this year...i cold liao so much...nan guai he dun wan find me liao la!! own fault o.
how? nobody to hate liao leh!
bu shuang leh!
i dun wan to hate myself leh...coz i'm too zilian.
only can zilian, can't ziyan de. (tao yan de yan)
then how ar???
ok lo...push it back on him...
it's STILL HIS FAULT! (though i can't think of the reason)
i tell u hor,
now o,
i'm very sien leh!
2nite dunno y msn so many ppl on9, 20++ (many for me la ok=.=)
but nobody find me o! :(
okok...i know, that's bcoz i'm cold ma, rite?
but...if anybody find me now i sure won't cold de, at most is cool only...:P
ei...really sien lehhhhhhhh!!!
sien ar!!!!!
nothing to do leh!
so come here to talk to myself lo!
so wuliao rite?
so sien rite?
so boring rite?
okok...sorry sorry...dun wan bother u liao.
NAH you seeeee??!!
evidence of my sien-ness!
sien until scold myself ar!
mmg wuliao la.
but not FX ok, so somebody, dun say i'm fx-ing.
wat to do??
dun wan sleep leh...
i want to wait until he finds me baru sleep!
or else wait until he goes offline 1st, then can sleep a very bu shuang sleep.
actually he find liao de, but nothing to say only.
maybe is bcoz i cold him, maybe is bcoz he is focusing on another person now.
kk...i'm very obvious ar?
really ar?
oh no!!
i'm being obvious!!
what shall i do?
delete this post?
no way!
i type liao so long, u ask me to delete??
dun wan la!
i'll just make it longer so he'll be lazy to read it (if he ever comes here)!
how to make it longer leh har?
juz type anything that comes into my mind la!
ei...i juz realized i could type so fast o!
usually when chatting i type quite slow or at a moderate speed de leh!
but fingers are juz Flying over the keyboard!
wah.... *fascinated by self's fingers*
okok...long enough liao ma?
if so...then i think i'll stop blogging for now.
c also sien liao la i think.
dun wan tire ur eyes liao...haha...
k la, to anybody who has bothered to read to the end (hopefully it won't be him!), sorry for wasting ur precious time la~!


Anonymous said... long man...eyes blur blur liao #.#

Mable said...

haha...sorry lo...but actually is long meh? i think not very long la...juz many fei hua only...^^